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I have started a new Yahoo Group for people interested in all issues related to music files from original piano rolls. I hope the discussion will include the music and the musicians as well as hardware and software issues. This is the place to let others know about the musical gems you have discovered as well as the place to obtain assistance with any problems you might have.

Anyone with information to contribute, whether historical, technical or apocryphal is welcome to participate as well as those who wish merely to receive postings.

If you are not a Yahoo Member member you may join by sending an e-mail to the e-mail link below and hopefully the process will just take over and you will receive whatever information is necessary to join.


If you are already a Yahoo Member, the following link may work for you. I can not test it myself since I am a member at the moment and can not rejoin. In any event, the e-mail link above should add this to your existing Yahoo membership. Please let me know if you want to sign up but are having problems.

I have had feedback regarding the sign up process and there is a little hitch in the process, if you are already a member. After using the link below, you will be asked to verify your membership and must do this. When this process is complete, you will be left without a link to the sign up location where you started This is an oversight on the part of Yahoo as far as I can tell. Just use the link again or use back in your browser or use your history listing.


The following link is for the submission of messages to the group.
Please put it in your address book if you intend to contribute to the group.