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The new Piano Roll CD of 5056 MIDI emulation files is offered at the price of only $230. This is the best deal for anyone wanting Piano Roll emulation files. As new emulation files are available, they will be added to the 5056 MIDI file set. Updates will be available for those who have purchesed the 4852 file set. Ampico and Welte E-Roll sets haved had additions as well. If you have previously purchased these, please contact me by E-mail for update pricing. Please note that the individual Duo-Art CDs series (CDs I through VI) have been eliminated to simplify corrections and updates. I still have the masters for these but will not update them. If you want to try a few full length samples before buying the full set, contact me by e-mail.

Two types of files are available:

Emulation Files are for for Modern Solenoid Player Pianos or any other device that plays STANDARD MIDI FILES. Examples are the Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc, QRS Pianomation, hardware synthesizers or software synthesizers.

E-Roll Files are for use only with original Reproducing Pianos, that have an electronic interface to a MIDI file player. Spencer's E-Roll Player System requires E-Roll Files. E-Roll file sets also contain BAR/ANN files which may be used with Windplay to produce emulated performances similar to the performances contained in the emulation files. Emulation files are also included.

Please contact me before ordering if you have any questions as to the type of file set you need. I can provide samples to try before you buy. Send E-Mail to Spencer

For easy ordering you may pay with PayPal: Just click the "Add to Cart" button for each selection. A new browser window will open on the PayPal site and will return you to this page if you click "continue shopping". Use the "View Cart" button to check, update order or to complete transaction. Please be patient, PayPal can be very slow.

Check the
Downloads page for all CD title listings.Click here for the listings and information on the new emulation CD.

Emulation File Sets:

New Piano Roll Emulation CD

5056 titles $230.00

E-Roll File Sets:

Ampico E-Roll CD (New) 1522 titles $430.00
Welte E-Roll CD (New) 723 titles $235.00
Duo-Art E-Roll CD 2799 titles $700.00

Above prices include shipping. Please E-Mail, for quantity discounts.

Please send check or money order to:
                  Spencer Chase
                  67550 Bell Springs Rd.
                  Garberville, CA 95542